Tiger Sports Camp - YMCA Swimming Rules

Friday, June 7, 2013

Today we went to the Spring Woods High School Natatorium for a sports camp. We learned about all the sports SWHS has to offer such as Track, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball & Tennis. Students met with head coaches and a chance to play each sport.

Later in the day, the YMCA came out to talk to the students about water safety and the rules of the pool.

 *No horseplay, profanity, running or unnecessary roughness - we want you to be safe!
*We do not permit the following around the pool area: gum, candy, glass objects, smoking or alcohol.
*Shower before you enter the pool.
*If children are wearing diapers, they must use swim diapers and plastic bottoms over the diapers. Please do not change diapers on the pool deck.
*Inflatable swim aids are not allowed.
*Diving is not allowed in water less than 9 feet deep.
*Underwater distance swimming and breath-holding are not permitted.
*When in the water, children under the age of 6 must be within arm's distance of a parent of caregiver who is at least 16 years old.
*Children under the age of 12 must have a parent or caregiver on the pool deck with them at all times.
*Children under the age of 16 who wish to use the diving boards or swim in depths exceeding their heights must pass a swim test.
*Individuals who wish to use the slide must follow specified usage guidelines along with manufacture's height requirements and pass a swim test.
*The lifeguard's word is final.

  1. Photographed by Ms. Granger   


  1. when i went to tiger sports camp i learned how to play tennis and volleyball i also learned a little of basket ball we played a game in tennis and in volleyball we learned we had to do ready position lemonade and super star i played and ate and it was so fun then i went home

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    1. what other sports did you do Michael

  3. They also sed wen we eat we have to wait 20 minits

  4. in the tiger sport camp my favorite sport was tennis soccer and volleyball.

  5. ant olso wen we playe tenis thi racet shut gow op doun tho the front thu thy bac

  6. I learned to play softball. And i liked when we played football.I saw a lot of people having fun playing. I want to know more about softball.

  7. In All Tiger Sports Camp we have a lot of fun because all sports were there:Football,Soccer,Olimpic jumping Baseball and Track And Field. We need to strech before running.
    In swimming we need to follow the rules for our safety and to make the lifeguards job easier.

  8. I learned that Softball it is not like Baseball.And sofball has not a hard ball.
    I tried to catched the ball and I could not because the older kids get et.
    I want to learned how to play football.
    I liked how we did the track and field.
    I want to learn more about baseball.

  9. I learned how to do the pushision in ballyball it was fun.

    I like Tennis because I learned how to hold the tennis racket and also a learned a fun game which is that if you do not hit the ball you will go to the other side of the net and if the player hits over the net the other player needs to catch the ball.

  10. I learned how to play tennis and basketball. I would like to play tennis.I saw a lots of sports. I want to learn how to play vollyball.

  11. At the tiger sports camp we learned how to play volleyball, soccer, softball and tennis I liked tennis because we learned how to hold the racket right. We played a fun game that if we don't get the ball over the net, we can keep be in the game.

  12. I love baseball and my cosin tote me baseball at his house.


  14. tenis was really fun I acsidently hit a girl with a ball. vallball was fun to .We had to learn redy hands to

  15. It was fun, there were a lot of sports
    going on. I liked the one were we had
    to jump it is called Volleyball.I love sports because you can
    get a lot of exercise.

  16. I liked track and field because I got to race and I liked soccer but nowone shoOt a goal.I also liked tennis but I didn't hit the tennis ball.

  17. We also learn to swim and blow bubles.